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It’s the Simple Things

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To me, nothing says “Welcome to my home” like the presence of fresh flowers.  I often have a vase of flowers setting on my kitchen table to welcome guest as they walk through the door.  Flowers have a way of creating a feeling of well being, calm, happiness, and intimacy.  Their mere presence is a symbol of sharing, an important element in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home.  The presence of flowers can elevate the mood, relieving stress and bringing sunshine to the dreariest of days.

Feeling gloomy on these cold winter days?  Do yourself a favor and pick up some inexpensive blossoms to brighten your day!




Author: Gerri

Welcome! I am an elementary art teacher who is passionate about all things creative. I am here to share ideas with other artist and to inspire creativity in your home and lifestyle. I am new to blogging, but I am excited to learn about the technology and hopefully encourage others to follow their creative dreams along the way.

I love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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